"We would like to share about our time-spent working alongside Burt and Sandy McDonnell at Claire Heureuse Hospital and the amazing things we learned.


We praise God for His amazing provision in getting us there!  We very much enjoyed starting each day praising the Lord in song and prayer with the local hospital construction crew. It was absolutely amazing!


Claire Heureuse Hospital is about the size of the hospital where we live and we have a community of about 5000.  Claire Heureuse hospital serves an area of over 400,000 people - and prior to the new wing being built with only one operating room.  One of our first priorities was to put electrical service in the two new operating rooms that Burt and his crew had constructed. We learned that due to the high number of births, there are many c-sections performed causing other surgeries to be delayed.  This has been a frustrating problem for medical teams in the past, but now they will have a room for each!


Another priority was the new maternity ward. From what we saw and heard it is the busiest department in the hospital.  In the room next to us, women were giving birth everyday, which impressed upon us the urgency to finish our project so that the patients and nurses could have the much-needed space. With power for fans, oxygen machines, incubators, and a little office space too!  (more)






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