Eye Clinic Sees First Patients!

We had an awesome week in Haiti!  The air conditioners were wired for 220VAC,  fully charged and they worked great! I did 186 exams in 4 days I could have just kept going it was so comfortable in the new clinic!


The Haitians were the most excited I have ever seen them! We got hugs and "Thank You"s every day. After we prayed with one lady she said, "Now I want to pray for you" and continued to thank God for bringing this eye clinic to her city.


The best part of the trip, though, was having an 11 year old girl accept Christ! Her name was Kimberly and she was turned over to Chaplain Erounce for discipleship. 


Our team brought back 88 prescriptions for Bobby to fill. Several pairs of "readers" were given to the patients after their examinations and they left extremely happy. I gave several patients $1,000 worth of glaucoma drops to last them until Dr. Bejot's team comes down in March. 


Nelson did a great job of hosting our team and he took one of our members around and got a lot of good footage to make a promotional video for the eye and dental clinic. 


Dr. Dave Becker

Coldwater Church,

Coldwater, Michigan




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