Meet the Wallis Family!

Denise, Ken, Medjinah, Tilohm

In April of 2012 Denise and Ken Wallis were finally prepared to start their journey home with newly included daughter, Medjinah.  After a devastating earthquake and two solid years of wrangling with the Haitian government over adoption requirements, the Wallis family heads home as Canadian citizens.

Ken and Denise have spent countless days/months working to first find the proper authorities after the earthquake literally destroyed the governmental infrastructure located in Port au Prince and to secure and audience with proper Haitian officials.

On January 12, 2010 an estimated 300,000 lives were lost along with the official records of an entire population. Not to be thwarted, Ken and Denise perservered with Medjinah spending years in the care of a local orphanage as the paperwork was identified, sorted through and the adoption completed.


Congratulations to the newly expanded Wallis family!

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